Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With lockdown measures more relaxed and our Covid-19 procedures in place we have re-opened our training center.

IRATA Rope Access Training

As part of this development, the system of grading operatives was set up. This requires operatives to undergo independent assessment in order to attain one of three levels of qualification. These qualifications must be renewed every three years, thus ensuring an up to date standard of quality.

Rope Access Training Costs

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What is Rope Access?

Industrial rope access started to evolve in the late seventies/early eighties and owes many of its techniques and equipment to caving and pot holing. Caving and pot holing relies on the single rope technique, whereas industrial rope access relies on a twin rope technique. This is a much safer way to work as you always have a back-up rope should your working rope fail.

Pre-Course Requirements

This course is physically and mentally demanding and will not suit everyone. Ideally candidates should be in possession of an applicable full industrial medical certificate, though this is not a requirement. 

Rope Access Downloads

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